Elements of SEO

Meta Description

They give a search engine an overview of what your page is about. Some say they help in keyword rankings, but I can’t ascertain. You are lucky if you are using word press in your private domain. Inserting tags and Meta descriptions are made accessible using free plugins like SEO by Yoast, All in One among others. Tags and Meta Descriptions are most important in SEO.

Additional On-site SEO Elements

Using header tags that break your content into sections and internal links will also help big time. Link building is not only for external sites linking to your site, but you can as well link other pages within your website by adding links inside your content, eg, blog post connecting to another post in the same site. Bolding a selection of text to capture the reader’s attention can assist search engines to distinguish other keywords and essential info in the page’s content.

About Content

Ensure that you are up to date with content. Never lack content on your site. What keeps visitors coming and a buildup of search engines on your site is quality content. Every day is another day for writing those blog posts, industry articles, posting videos and infographics that woe more people to your site. Another great way to help visitors find out more about your blog is through the facebook marketing phoenix or wherever else you find yourself in the United States and worldwide. Getting content for your website is an enormous investment, but on this, I guarantee you it’s worth it.

Link Building

The primary goal of link building is getting other sites link up to yours. These links are highlighted in blue inside a content such that when you click on it, the sites redirect to yours. You are thinking, how do those guys make these blue highlighted text? Hold your horses; there are three conventional link building techniques.

Blackhat- Well, personally I don’t touch this even with a 20-meter pole. They are low-quality link building and spammy. You heard the name, blackhat.

Whitehat- This is a genuine and quality link you can rely on

Organic links- These links are the best of all. You don’t have to ask for these links. You can find them on sites with high authority like news outlets and renowned websites.

Most sites find it hard to produce sufficient organic links, and that’s why link building is very vital in raising rankings in such engines. Nonetheless, you can build quality links by submitting guest blogs to favorite blogs in the market or talk to a related blog site and see if they can link you up.

Google’s help in rankings

When you join Google+, you get to connect with friends, and when they search for a specific keyword on Google, their top five search results will be personalized based on their friends. This is using your social media account to market your site. The more friends you have on Google+, the more likely you are to have your followers get personalized results. A good game huh?

Results Monitoring

Keep track of your progress by checking the results by using an SEO tool. There are a lot of SEO tools that can come in handy for this job.