How SEOs stay on top shifts in Google criteria and algorithms

Algorithm refers to a set of guidelines and rules that Google uses creates to examine the websites worth ranking higher in the search results. These updates are done periodically without notice to keep users up to date with trending topics and get rid of spam content ranking high. At times the algorithm may be tiny to feel a pinch, but sometimes it can be huge with websites ranking on the top move are tossed back overnight. A good example is the February 2011 Google Panda.

However, if there are no tricks you are playing on Google to improve your rankings, you are on the safe side. So what should you do to prevent to remain top in such calamities? Google is the service provider and in no doubt, every SEO has to play by its rules. It sounds unfair for Google to keep shifting goal posts but trust me, this is business, and you got to give your clients what they need. Ensure that when building links to other sites or articles on your site, make sure they are relevant to the content.

Also, ensure that you steadily keep publishing content that your users want to read about because Google highly rewards that. You will be on the safe side when a massive algorithm strikes. If you are always striving to improve your website content, Google Algorithms should not affect your site. Play safe with the king in this game and you will be okay. Because Google is not seizing its periodic algorithm, it’s upon you to decide whether the regular mood changes will send you into a tailspin.

There are SEOs that have proven rigid to Google frequent algorithm and maintained the threshold requirements to keep toping in the search engine. They can be beneficial if you want to fetch truthful updates promptly. Here are some of them.

Best SEO commodities

Technical SEO- This is a forum filled with professional SEOs discussing and tackling finite search related issues. There are quite some well-known public SEOs from the platform. They focus on SEO Tools and Saas providers, membership & administration, semantic search, general technical talk among others.

SEO Website Design- This is the largest community featuring over 30,000 members. It covers a wide array of topics centered on SEO and design. There is a lot of information you can find there and also hear from the experts. Some categories discussed are Google analytics, blogging for SEO, Search Engine Marketing, SEO tools and tips, semantic search among others.

Link Builders- Meet professionals, in-house teams, entrepreneurs and professional agencies who major in link acquisition and procurement. The link ecosystem offers general discussion, industry news and articles, best practices of link building and link building best practices just to mention but a few.

Local SEO News- This platform is strictly geared on local search optimization covering major aspects of optimization and local search for the local pack within Bing and Yahoo. This aspect is more often than not overlooked by most SEOs and businesses. Inclusive of its categories are SEO jobs, Yahoo local, Google+ local introductions and many others.

Commerce News & insights- Whereas this is a small community, it doesn’t necessarily specialize in SEOs but rather gives excellent info on operating an online shop. This includes the strategies and searches optimization tips. The platform features infographics, Web design, and eCommerce.